Hitzefrei - Tatjana Young - Christmas Cums Sooner This Year


Tatjana Young




Christmas is close, Saint Nicholas Day is even closer. Beautiful Tatjana can’t wait to open up her presents. But right in this moment the telephone rings… and she gets all wet between her legs. Now she will tell you what made her horny to the core – that’s her fantasy: „I then grabbed some dicks, jerked them off, caressed them with my tongue – and tasted a few pleasure drops. After a while I placed my ass on one of those hard dicks ... and then sat down very slowly. Then I let a second cock get pushed into my pussy. Ass and pussy filled at the same time, that made both holes so tightly clenched around the dicks that all my nerves screamed: Fuck me! That’s what the two guys were about to do anyway. Meanwhile I took turns sucking dick after dick after dick with my mouth. Two or three guys pumped their sperm into my throat right away. At first I was surprised ... but it got me so hot. And I knew: I want to drink a lot more of that delicious men’s juice!”

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